Saturday, 11 February 2006

paternalist journalist

It's Saturday morning, circa brunch. A Saturday like any other. Some of us are in bed. Some of us still have 16 hours of quotidian consciousness ahead of us, a whole day stretched across the unbroken surface of life in our late capitalist era. And some of us are at the Berlin Film Festival. Probably terrorizing poor, post-Baader Meinhof Germans with our eerily familiar manner of fascistic interpersonal relating. Sorry for the momentary gnashing of teeth, it's just not fair that any jester who blackens paper for the Washington Square News film section gets to attend the Berlinale, is it? It's not, right? Ehh, shit.

The new "L Word" episode that everybody's got on torrent is beauuuutiful. Download it, TiVo it, watch it on Sunday - I foretell a batch of tears that bear no relation to the crocodile's.

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